DONOVAN MELERO - HAIL THE SUN Vocalist Shares New Single "Neon Ocean"

Today, prolific Hail The Sun and Nova Charisma vocalist Donovan Melero released his new single "Neon Ocean", which will appear on his upcoming album "Chelsea Park After Dark" due out April 22nd 2022 on Rude Networks/Equal Vision Records.

In September of 2020, an impromptu call to Joe Occhiuti (a partner of Donovan’s at Kill Iconic Records and bass player for Ice Nine Kills) and Allen Casillas (Kill Iconic recording artist and touring drummer of Hail The Sun,) led the trio to Long Island, where they holed up at the famed Vudu Studios with producer Mike Watts for a week. Writing a solo album for the fist time, Donovan assembled the trio in an effort to explore new avenues musically and challenge his songwriting. What emerged from that session is what you’ll hear on Donovan’s debut single. Musically eclectic, the album guides you through Donovan’s personal experience of loss, regret, acceptance, healing, and hope.

"Neon Ocean" is a synth drenched, swirling song that highlights Melero's unique approach to indie-pop songwriting. A subdued electronic beat and sparse harmonic texturing support and highlight his powerful vocals before the crescendo of the song hits with a massive final chorus. Fans of his earlier work will instantly recognize Melero's ubiquitous melodic presence, but will be surprised at just how dynamic his voice is within this new musical context.

Melero had this to say about the creative core of his new song: “Joe started slamming these chords on a piano over and over with a very steady yet intentional heartbeat. It felt very anthemic. So I catered to that vibe lyrically, giving the sense that I know I will always be able to pave my own path doing the things that I love if I want to”.

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