DISSONANTS - Release Video For New Single "Harlequin"

Dissonants are back with fresh faces and a new lease on life. The long-awaited return see’s the heavy rock quintet share their first taste of new music since their 2020 Nescient EP. ‘Harlequin’ is the natural progression for a band that will embark on a new era while continuing to push all boundaries.

With their new single, Dissonants welcome new drummer Harvey Lord and guitarist Cuba Stanley while previous guitarist Benjie Allen is taking on a natural succession to become the bands frontman.

Acting as a departure to their previous sound, Harlequin quickly became a chance for the band to create a truly honest offering of music. While incorporating personal themes of self- doubt, the lyrics to ‘Harlequin refer towards wearing a mask that you’re terrified will slip allowing and the whole world will see what you think you really are.

Check out the official music video for ‘HARLEQUIN’ below!

“It’s been a tough year or so for us with the instability in the line-up, and at several points myself, Ben and Aaron wondered if the band would cease to exist, as it just felt like setback after setback was crippling us. Cuba and Harvey coming into the fold has been a massive breathe of fresh air, and has totally reinvigorated us with the ideas they’ve bought to the table. On this new track, Harlequin, I believe we’ve never sounded better as a band”, explains bassist Mike Barton.

Their impressive musical journey so far has seen them gather over 1.1 million streams on Spotify alone. They were made cover stars on the formidable ‘New Blood’ official Spotify playlist while also gaining placements on ‘New Core’, ‘New Metal Tracks’ and ‘Metal UK’ playlists. The band hit number 1 on the iTunes metal chart and number 4 in the rock chart with their previous single ‘Silence and Glass’.