DIRTY SHIRT - Release New Album “Get Your Dose Now!” And Kick Off Tour

Dirty Shirt, hailing from Romania, is gearing up for an exciting April 1st as they release their sixth album “Get Your Dose Now!”; play live on Rock FM Bucharest and later that day, kick off their new tour in support of the release. Each song on the album has a particular ambiance, very different from the others, but coherent. They explain the album:

“We think that the album will be very well received by fans because you can recognize our “touch” from previous albums, and at the same time it is a surprising album. Album after album, we try to reinvent ourselves keeping our “musical” credo from the beginning: never auto-censure ourselves. We keep using East European traditional influences, but at the same time, we explore new horizons. The fact that we worked with many talented musicians (almost 30 musicians appear on the album), gives authenticity and adds personality to our sound.”

“Get Your Dose Now!” is a shorter nine-track album, with a little more than 30 minutes, but Dirty Shirt maintains that the listening experience will be very intense, as they combine many influences, and the songs change constantly with complex orchestrations. It was produced by Mihai Tivadar, mixed and mastered by Adrian Bila Uritescu and the album artwork was done by Lia Cucuianu.

Dirty Shirt brings a truly unique live experience, huge energy, huge emotions, and fun, with a scaling lineup based on the performance, which adds a lot of authenticity and a great live sound. This tour will hit festivals including HellFest (France), Reload (Germany), Dong Open Air (Germany), Plane’r Fest (France), and Les Bichoiseries (France).

Recommended for anyone looking for something interesting and lively, Dirty Shirt is for fans of Twelve Foot Ninja, Dubioza Kolektiv, and Eluveitie.

The album “Get Your Dose Now!” is out on April 1, 2022.

Album available on all digital platforms at https://smarturl.it/getyourdose

Track Listing:

1. New Boy in Town (2:46) 
2. Pretty Faces (4:06) 
3. Dope-A-Min (3:05) 
4. What’s Going On (2:35) 
5. Hot for Summer (3:04) 
6. New Conspiracy (2:41) 
7. Cand s-o-mpartit norocu’ (Part 1) (4:07) 
8. Cand s-o-mpartit norocu’ (Part 2) (3:39) 
9. Geamparalele (4:31)

Bonus Tracks - Pandemic Special - EP: 

1. Resonate (Metal Version) (3:37) 
2. Away (Orchestral Version) (3:46) 
3. Don't Care (25 Years Later) (9:06) 
4. Latcho Drom (Live Studio Session feat. Caliu) (1:47)

Dirty Shirt - 2022 - Get Your Dose Now! Tour Dates:

April 1 - BUCURESTI (RO) - Quantic 
April 2 - BRASOV (RO) - Kruhnen Musik Halle 
April 8 - BAIA MARE (RO) - Sala Sporturilor 
April 9 - CLUJ NAPOCA (RO) - Form Space 
April 29 - BACAU (RO) - Valhalla Pub 
April 30 - IASI (RO) - Undergound Pub 
May 1 - SUCEAVA (RO) - Art Rock Café 
May 13 - ORADEA (RO) - Bers Nova Bors 
May 28 - BUCURESTI (RO) - Iubim 2 Roti 
June 24 - CLISSON (FR) - Hellfest Open Air 
June 25 - CERISY-BELLE-ETOILE (FR) - Les Bichoiseries 
July 2 - MONTCUL (FR) - Plane'r Fest 
July 16 - NEUKIRCHEN-VLUYB (DE) - Dong Open Air 
July 30 - POIANA HOREA, CLUJ (RO) - Beee, ma! 2022 
Aug 3 - RASNOV (RO) - Rockstadt Extreme Fest 
Aug 12 - CORBII DE PIATRA (RO) - Stonebird Festival 
Aug 18 - SULINGEN (DE) - Reload Festival 
Aug 20 – HEL’PA (SK) - Horehronske MeCheChe 
Aug 21 - TARGU MURES (RO) - Maris Fest 
Aug 26 - BISTRITA (RO) - Way Too Far Rock Festival 
Aug 27 - SUMMER CAMP BREZOI (RO) - Mentor Rock Gathering