ANALEPSY - Stream New Album "Quiescence"

Portuguese Slamming Brutal Death Metal outfit, ANALEPSY is streaming below their new album "Quiescence", out now!

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Analepsy is a Portuguese slamming brutal death metal band based in Lisbon, Portugal. Their sound can be described as a crossover between old-school brutal death metal and modern melodic elements.


1. Locus of Dawning 
2. Impending Subversion 
3. Elapsing Permanence (feat. Wilson NG) 
4. Accretion Collision 
5. Stretched and Devoured (feat. Angel Ochoa) 
6. Converse Condition 
7. Fractured Continuum 
8. Spasmodic Dissonance (feat. Ricky Myers) 
9. Edge of Chaos 
10. Quiescence (Instrumental)