WORMROT - Share "Behind Closed Doors" & New Track "When Talking Fails, It’s Time For Violence" From Snakeweed Sessions

Singapore grindcore trio WORMROT have returned with news of a brand new studio album, 'Hiss', finding the band at their most unhinged, creative and intense.

Their live Snakeweed session proves the band have lost none of their visceral power, sounding tighter than ever whilst racing through lead single ‘Behind Closed Doors’ and preview brand new song ‘When Talking Fails, It’s Time For Violence’, a sure- fire mosh-pit starter, showcasing some of Wormrot’s most destructively thrashy riffs yet.

With almost six years having passed since the band's previous album, 'Voices', WORMROT have endured through a period of burnout, life responsibilities, frontman Arif's vocal chord damage, and of course the COVID pandemic, coming out the other side with renewed vigour and inspiration. Likening themselves to an injured snake lying coiled up and dormant, the three-headed beast that is WORMROT is now ready to strike again.

Featuring stunningly detailed artwork by Jon Chan inspired by the cult films Female Prisoner Scorpion, 'HISS' is due to be released on July 8th and is one of this year's must-have titles for all fans of extreme music.

Pre-order the album now on CD, vinyl and cassette tape here.