WINDRUNNER - Release New Single 'Scarlette' Feat. Tom Byrne

Vietnamese Progressive Metalcore act WINDRUNNER teamed up with Galleons/Valiant Hearts vocalist Tom Byrne on their latest single 'Scarlette', which is another look on their forthcoming full-length record 'Tan', out worldwide on April 1st 2022 through Famined Records. Experience the unique "melodic groove" that Hanoi-based Windrunner showcase through 'Scarlette', which is now available on various music streaming platforms and its official music video is exclusively premiering on Dreambound YouTube channel.

'TAN' Track Listing:

01. Tan 
02. Lavender 
03. Raven 
04. Sardonyx (ft. Tobias Rische) 
05. Bleu 
06. Ivory 
07. Scarlette (ft. Tom Byrne) 
08. Mahogany (ft. Sota) 
09. Charcoal 
10. Cyan

Stream/purchase 'Scarlette' here: 
Pre-order 'Tan' here: