THE DEAD SOUTH - Release Video For SYSTEM OF A DOWN's Cover "Chop Suey"

A folk-bluegrass musical ensemble, The Dead South have released a music video for the System Of A Down's cover "Chop Suey".

The band commented:

"In the The Dead South’s version of Chop Suey music video, we wanted to take elements of their live show and piece it together in an interesting way. Taking inspiration from System of a Down‘s video, we used blending layers and different motion graphics to give the illusion the band was morphing into one another. We took that inspiration with our version to the extreme by incorporating things like VHS film emulation and film scratches sampled from actual vintage film stock. Combining green screen footage of the band playing live, footage from the Mile Zero Fest in Key West Florida and concert clips from all over the world on tour, this video is a static mess of beauty, excitement and energy."