MY HOLLOW - Release Crushing Single “Hell Or High Water” Off “Fighting the Monsters” Out April 2022

Canada’s My Hollow has a new EP coming out, “Fighting The Monsters”, which will be their third since their inception in 2012. The new record boasts the heaviest music they have written and the addition of keyboards adds a new layer to their sound, infusing it with epic melodies. The latest single “Hell Or High Water” is progressive and wild, and bassist Sean De Faria details the particulars of the track:

“When I wrote the guitar parts for this song they ended up coming together really quickly. I remember feeling some stress and some loneliness at the time and I think that it comes through in the music. It's also a lot different structurally than most of our songs, which is something that I always try to bring to the table. It also features a longer instrumental section nearing the end which also has gotten positive feedback from the crowd during live performances. The vocals that Graham added feed into the feel of the music as well, that feeling of unrest and longing for closure are evident in the lyrics.”

The band expects newer fans, as well as established ones, will be able to find tangible qualities to enjoy about the new album. The new tunes don’t stray too far from their back catalogue, but they do possess more of a mature approach to the songwriting. The addition of keyboardist Matt Williams has also added a new dimension to the My Hollow sound.

Citing that they are influenced the most by metal genres that are constantly evolving and being created everyday, they constantly look to discover new music and techniques. They are recommended listening for fans of Chimaira, Lamb of God, and Fit For An Autopsy.

Listen to “Hell Or High Water” BELOW!

“Fighting The Monsters” is slated for release on April 8, 2022.

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Track Listing:

1. Vultures (4:59) 
2. Fighting The Monsters ft. Björn Strid (Soilwork) (4:19) 
3. Hell Or High Water (6:26) 
4. Faded Through (5:17) 
5. The Iron Harvest (4:40)