MEYTAL COHEN - Release LIMP BIZKIT's Drum Cover "Out Of Style"

Drummer/YouTuber, Meytal Cohen has released a new drum cover video of Limp Bizkit's "Out Of Style".

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She commented:

"Limp bizkit is here.. my skin color came out a bit more pasty than usual..but I’ll learn to live with it and I hope you will too 😛 I was gonna do “take a look around” by Limp Bizkit but then saw they have new music out and thought it would be a nice change from all my decade-old song- choice covers lol. But you know, not sure if it’s cause I listened to it a billion times while editing but it’s starting to UN-grow on me lol.. I really really love the guitar riff and there’s a nice message hiding there in the chorus but the song as whole might just be a tad bit too slow for a kick ass cover.. but you tell me!"