KUBLAI KHAN TX - Share Visualizer For New Song "Taipan"; New EP "Lowest Form Of Animal" Out April 1st Via Rise Records

Kublai Khan TX will release their new EP, "Lowest Form of Animal", on April 1st via Rise Records.

Today, the band has shared the visualizer for "Taipan". It's just over a minute and it's a brutally efficient and metallic blast that the band is known for.

"'Taipan' expresses the reality of waste", the band offers. "Wasting time, wasting brain power. Wasting away because we are preoccupied with fast sex, low ambition, and creature comforts. Paralleling the cursed existence of a reptile in a cage with our own lives. Never seeing the sun, desiring freedom. But never seeing past our own noses because the appetites of the flesh have the ability to keep any man sedated and free from growth. 8 billion people on the planet. 8 billion personal cages. What's confining you?".

Earlier this year, Kublai Khan TX captured national attention when actress Kate Beckinsale posted a video while coloring and rocking out to one of the band's songs on her Instagram feed.

Get the EP: https://riserecords.lnk.to/LowestFormOfAnimal


1. Swan Song (Feat. Scott Vogel) 
2. Loyal to None 
3. Taipan 
4. Resentment 
5. Dynasty