DEEP DRIVE - Present Second Single "Boy"

Armed with razor-sharp melodies, strong hooks and roaring guitars, Danish rock trio DEEP DRIVE is on a mission to overtake the headlines of Danish rock with their coming debut full-length album ‘Human’. Today they present their second single ‘Boy’ from the coming album – check out the music video above.

“What a good education is, is not universal. A good life is not universal. High regarded education does not equal happiness. A high paying job does not equal a good life. You can't guarantee happiness by simply looking at the economy of things, so you might as well go after what you want in life and worry less about what others might think”, vocalist Joachim Iversen muses.

Since forming in 2015 as the band HUMAN, the trio played countless shows and festivals such as SPOT Festival, New Shit Showcase and at venues nationwide, supporting bands such as The Amazons and The Boy That Got Away, while having singles in rotation on renowned Danish rock radio myRock. In 2022 the band is back with the new name DEEP DRIVE and they’re ready to unveil their new sound with a full-length album, which is set to be released on April 1st.

The new single ‘Boy’ is already available on all streaming services.