COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS - Release Album + Drop New Single 'Worn Out Mannequin feat. Vocalist of MØL

Danish Progressive Metal masters, COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS have just released their highly anticipated new album »The Hindsight Notes« via Arising Empire. A melting pot of bass heavy riffs and flawless vocals, their new album is an awe-inspiring representation of how accomplished CNFA are at their craft.

Taken from the album is their new single ‘Worn Out Mannequin’ which features the incredible Kim Song Sternkopf of shoegaze metal superstars, MØL. The single blends multiple layers that all work seamlessly together. Twists of incredible melodies from both vocalists, to the heavy progressive riffs that the band are so well known for, ‘Worn Out Mannequin’ encompasses everything you could want from the band and more. Always continuing to expand and adapt their musical stylings.

Johan Pedersen on the lyrics: "The song is about performing and putting yourself out there as a musician - dealing with praise and ridicule. It’s about the bullying culture among musicians and the cynicism and isolation it can lead to."

The band on the music: "We’re very happy to present this track as the focus track of “The Hindsight Notes”. This track encapsulates our approach to the songwriting - let’s get weird and experimental, but make it accessible and take people on a journey. There’s intensity, vulnerability, epic parts and a big, heavy outro. The choir, piano and the brilliant feature from our mate Kim Sternkopf adds where all very satisfying additions to our palette and we feel that if this track appeals to you, you’ll find plenty to enjoy on the album."

Kim Song Sternkopf, Møl: “My longtime friends in Cold Night For Alligators have with their latest album focused on strong songwriting, emotional dynamics and sensibility over technical show-off which plagues a lot of their counterparts in the prog/tech/djent subgenre. These moves combined with excellent mixing and mastering by Jacob Hansen - who nailed the vibrant stadium rock ambiance, distinguishes their sound even further - was what made me go “F*** Yes!” when Nikolaj asked me about the feature. I am convinced that we will find a band that after many years of pushing the technical envelope finally rests confidently in their mature expression found on their latest full-length “The Hindsight Notes”.