INSOLVENCY - Release New Track " The Endless Maze (Ft. Ryan Kirby of FIT FOR A KING)

Insolvency releases their blistering new single ‘The Endless Maze’ which features Fit For A King vocalist, Ryan Kirby. The new track is taken from their sophomore album ‘Illusional Gates’, set for release on 18th February 2022. Pre-orders and limited edition bundles are available HERE.

"The Endless Maze was written about being in a state of depression. Feeling locked inside our own minds, with dark thoughts, going crazy, not knowing how to fix it," remarks vocalist Valentin Gondouin. "It’s an important song for us, and that’s why we thought it would be great to have an artist we love featuring in it. We managed to send a demo with our lyrics to Ryan Kirby by email, and he thought it would be cool to get involved."

Kirby added an extra twist by recording his vocal tracks for the band while live on his Twitch channel. "His voice, texture and emotion fit exactly to what we were looking for..." Gondouin adds "It’s awesome for us to have him on the track. The screams and growls deliver all the melancholy and rage we were looking for. Ryan was very involved in getting this done. We thank him so much for this cool collaboration!"

The Album ‘Illusional Gates’ is the byproduct of the band’s collective struggles with depression, rage, mental health and daily anxieties throughout the past few years. The album builds on foreboding themes of oppression and living out of time, in a dream-like reality spinning out of control.

“The lyrics and the musical atmosphere express a range of feelings,” expresses bassist Pierre Challouet. “Between depression cycles, separation, burn out, as well as being tired of fighting for a living. We feel like we have lived in a mirage for many years, and we finally found a way to put it into words.” He adds: “We all felt restricted by the fake vision we had of the world. We wrongly lived in dreams and mental prisons for too many years, and it was time to open our eyes… even if opening our eyes was hurtful.”

Collaborating with Jim Pinder (Bullet For My Valentine, Fightstar, Machine Head and While She Sleeps) Insolvency put all of these themes and experiences into their songwriting as therapy. The resulting catharsis paints a vivid picture, blurring the lines of reality while being soundtracked by astonishingly brutal riffs. Packed guttural screams and soaring melody the album also includes special guest vocals from Ryan Kirby (Fit For a King) and CJ McMahon (Thy Art Is Murder) respectively.

‘Illusional Gates’ sees the band take a leap forward, pushing themselves and evolving from their previous works."Compared to the first album, our style and writing evolved to be a lot more efficient,” says guitarist Bruno Blackstard. “in terms of riffs and melodies, as well as the progressive and slightly modernised production and ambience. Each song has its own universe and influences... from ambient to death-core, and even some post-hardcore vibes.”

Reflecting on the project and what the band has achieved, Gondouin remarks: “This album illustrates all the doors we have tried to go through in our lives that lead to deception and disappointment… But we’re here, and happy to be back after these past 2 years, showing all we’ve got, and pursuing our dreams.”

‘Illusional Gates’ is out on February 18th, 2022.


1. Blindness 
2. Torn Away Inside 
3. The Endless Maze (Featuring Ryan Kirby - Fit For A King) 
4. Mirage 
5. Illusional gates 
6. Last Call 
7. Another Fate 
8. Stranger World 
9. Smother The Candle (Featuring CJ McMahon - Thy Art Is Murder)
10. Oversight 
11. Afterlight 
12. Fade and Flow