DIFFRACTING THOUGHT\NEVER KNOWN - Release New Single "Failing Light"

Alex Shahviri (Toronto, ON) and Corwin Bermudez (Burlington, VT) have collaborated on "Failing Light" - a metalcore track showcasing the songwriting, performance and production of their respective solo projects Diffracting Thought and Never Known. Alex and Corwin cross international borders to bring their extensive experience in audio and visual production to the release, as well as their shared influence from heavy hitters like Architects, Periphery, ERRA and TesseracT.

"Failing Light" is an appeal to unity and common sense in an age where stability and truth are increasingly hard to come by. Perseverance in the face of despair punches through the vocals, underscored by technical guitar work and a frenetic drum performance. 2022 presents exciting opportunities for both musicians as they broaden their reach through this collaboration and pursue new opportunities to perform and write for their own projects.

"Failing Light" is now officially available for download and streaming on all major digital platforms.