BLOODYWOOD - Release "Dana Dan" Their Heaviest Song Yet; Debut Album "Rakshak" Out Today

Put down your morning coffee, New-Delhi arena metallers BLOODYWOOD are about to kick so hard they fire you into the weekend. To celebrate the release of their debut album "Rakshak" (out today!), the band are elated to present the music video for their heaviest song ever, "Dana Dan".

"Dana Dan" begins with the thudding of the South Indian "Nagada" drums, before the razor-sharp rapping of Raoul Kerr comes in then gives way to the ferociousness of vocalist Jayant Bhadula. Here the entire band are firing on 11 to produce their most sonically thrilling track yet. There's going to be some crazy pits when the band play this one live...

Speaking about the new single, BLOODYWOOD say: "'Dana Dan' is a graphic commentary on sexual assault and the need to eliminate it. It begins with the reflexive, almost homicidal rage we feel when we hear about these crimes, before moving on to a more level headed call to arms. It culminates in a gentle appeal for all of us to reflect on the role we play in creating a world where atrocities of this nature are committed and to work towards eliminating it altogether".

"Dana Dan" is indicative of what BLOODYWOOD do so perfectly across Rakshak: It unites vitriolic emotion with the deeper thought and level-headedness required to evoke change. Moreover, by bringing in "Nagada" drums and dancers, the band are able to interpose fury with the beauty of their culture and really develop the nuances of their message.

Noticeably, all across Rakshak are songs aimed at empowerment and community. Speaking about the album, the band say: “Rakshak means ‘protector’ or ‘guardian’ in Hindi. We've always been as passionate about the message of our music as much as the music itself, and our goal has and always will be to make a positive impact on people's lives and on the planet”.The band then add: “[On Rakshak] You'll hear songs that talk about combating mental illness, overcoming divisive politics, battling the poverty crisis, crushing corruption, eliminating sexual assault, hope, belief and undying determination”.

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"Rakshak" Tracklist:

01. Gaddaar 
02. Aaj 
03. Zanjeero Se 
04. Machi Bhasad 
 05. Dana-Dan 
06. Jee Veerey 
 07. Endurant 
 08. Yaad 
 09. BSDK.exe 
10. Chakh Le


  1. I had a coworker look up Dana Dan yesterday and they proceeded to blast the entire album for the rest of the night. I love this band and how meaningful they are. I am looking forward to their growth and journey.

  2. This is truly inspiring and empowering for me as a women who has been sexually assaulted multiple times, it's really touching to see bands out there making amazing music with incredible messages!
    I really appreciate it<3

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