ADAM BJÖRK - Release Drum Cover Of THY ART IS MURDER's "Infinite Forms"

Amazingly talented Swedish drummer Adam Björk, also drummer of Allt, has released a new drum cover video of Thy Art Is Murder "Infinite Forms". What a performance!!!

He commented:

"Time for a new cover, I was thinking for a while what song I would pick and while listening to my all time favorite album I sure found a track which I haven't covered yet (all you OG's know that I've done a few Thy Art covers over the years) I thought this would be one of the more easy tracks to record by TAIM, I quickely looked up the tempo for the track and saw that it was in 230 which ain't to bad, but the blast parts in the song was sure breathtaking and I then realized while making the click track that it moved up to 245 haha, (15bpm+ really makes a huge different lolz) Anyway I had a "blast" recording this track and I hope you guys will enjoy it!"