WILD OX MOAN - Present Their Second Single "Ain't Them Bodies Saints"

With their unique take on modern rock music, Danish band WILD OX MOAN (formerly known as Vulture Vibe) draw inspiration from delta-blues artists such as Son House, Blind Willie Johnson as well as more modern singer/songwriters like Tom Waits and Nick Cave. Today the band is ready to follow-up with their second single 'Ain't Them Bodies Saints' - watch the accompanying music video above.

"The title 'Ain't Them Bodies Saints' is a reference to the movie of the same name. And as the movie, the song from a lyrical standpoint, is a take on the classic story of Bonnie and Clyde - following two lovers on the run for the crimes they have committed. It's a song that contemplates the idea that you can never run away from who you are and what you have done. It's a tragic tale, elevated through the music and the catchy call/response vocals in the verse that foresees the bitter end", vocalist Mads Bendixen muses.

Having played countless shows and served as opening act for bands such as Junkyard Drive, The Boy That Got Away and Lucer, WILD OX MOAN’s debut album serves as an accumulation of all their previous experiences, added a new approach to their sound. The lyrical universe delves into dark subject matters often referencing movies, art and literature, giving the music a cinematic feeling. The coming full-length LP ‘Wild Ox Moan’ has been produced and recorded by Nicklas Sonne (Defecto, Malrun, Beneath the Silence) at Sonne Studios, and is set to be released on March 4th.

The new single 'Ain't Them Bodies Saints' is now available on all streaming services.