NOWHERE LEFT - Signs Worldwide Deal With Extreme Management Group

Extreme Management Group (EMG), home to bands like Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Rings of Saturn and more, has announced their partnership with NY Rock band Nowhere Left.

Despite the name, Nowhere Left have carved out a place for themselves within the New York rock scene thanks to behemoth sized riffs and powerful messaging in their music. “The idea is to create a community centered around overcoming trauma in every capacity,” says singer Dom Delfino, “it’s important to build a safe place like that through music. Trauma does not show bias. What might be a walk in the park for me could be an unequivocal nightmare for someone else. We just want to bring our sound and our experiences to the table and help others realize they aren’t alone.”

Nowhere Left have a ton in the tank right now, leading the charge with their hit single “Tragedy”. Crushing guitars meet lyrical realism taking you on an emotional journey through human conditions. If you stop headbanging for a second you’ll be able to hear the story of someone fighting for their life against themselves. This internal conflict is what drives Nowhere Left and they hope to have you as a passenger. Big things are coming for this quartet, be sure to follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube.

Now the band has signed with Extreme Management Group, and had the following to say about the partnering, “We’re excited to be working with the team at EMG and looking forward to where this partnership takes us.” EMG said, "Nowhere Left has done a ton of work getting themselves to this point. We intend to make that hard work count.” Anticipate big things to come from Nowhere Left and Extreme Management Group.