NAIL SPLITTER - Stream Debut EP, "Hail To Agony"

Nail Splitter is a deathcore band based in Denver, CO featuring bone-crushing breakdowns, hypnotizing dissonance, symphonic melody, and demonic growls and screams rising from the depths of the void.

Born into the cold world as a tribute to the origins of deathcore, Nail Splitter released their first demo in the Summer of 2019. Inspired by Myspace-era bands like Whitechapel and Rose Funeral, the demo was written and produced as a three-piece, with Jake handling bass and drum programming, Christian on guitars and mixing, and Xulxer performing vocals. After a year of searching for the right line-up, Nail Splitter welcomed Cody and Conor to the band and began rehearsing. Months of writing, practice and soul searching has culminated in what is to be the band's debut EP, Hail To Agony. In the last days of this brutal year, Nail Splitter released Hail To Agony, their debut EP, produced by Mane Cabrales.

Featuring six tracks of pummelling technical deathcore, symphonic blasts, dissonant slamming breakdowns and everything in between, Hail To Agony puts Nail Splitter firmly on the track to metal greatness. Listen to the EP on all major streaming services, and watch the music video for the title track on YouTube.



1. Ao 
2. Sublimation 
3. Pools Of Ignorance (ft. Alan Grnja) 
4. Hail To Agony
5. Never Sleep Again 
6. Dision