LIFE AWAITS - Premiere Music Video ForNew Single "Dead End"

Bringing together beastly, brutal screams and catchy, groovy melodies, Beijing-based quartet LIFE AWAITS express their take on modern metalcore with their new offering 'Dead End'. The official video for 'Dead End' is now exclusively premiering through Dreambound YouTube channel, and the track is released today worldwide via Famined Records.

Vocalist Bai Yu share the inspiration and meaning behind the lyricism of the new single: "'Dead End' was actually written in early 2020 when the global pandemic first started. People were arguing about the cause of it. Some say it's a leak from a lab, some say it's caused by global warming. Either way, it's caused by humans. The sad part is that not too many were discussing what we should do in the future. It made us think about how we take the earth for granted and try to force the earth into the way we think it should be. We know exactly how nature will take its revenge on us but we just never stopped. And it all just seemed like a Dead End already."

Stream/purchase 'Dead End' here:

Life Awaits is a 4-piece Post-Hardcore/Alt- Rock band from Beijing, China. Established in May 2015, the band gained massive attention since their first single 'In Descent' same year in September. Although the band is at it’s new-born stage, the band members have experience performing with their former bands all around Asia. This is part of the reason why the band has been named for “The most anticipated and international Chinese metal/hardcore band”. In April, 2017, the band released their music video 'You' which grabbed more than 600 reposts and over hundred thousands of views. The music video was also released on Dreambound’s Youtube Channel and reached over 100k views within a week which also helped to the band to gain significant global recognition. On June 3, 2017, Life Awaits released their debut album WAVES.