SUNBLEACHED - Release 'Rose Tinted' Single/Video and Two-Track EP Friday December 3

sunbleached, Brissy's latest post-hardcore/alternative phenoms, are releasing their two-track 'Rose-Tinted' on all digital stores and streaming platforms today! The dual-release features single 'Flowers Grow from Ugly Places' that dropped back in October and heralded this EP.

The EP drops Friday via Collision Course/MGM Distribution and is available to purchase/stream at

The single comes with a sunny/retro vibes film clip (premiered yesterday at that sees the band surrounded by roses, disco balls and plastic as they deliver the melancholy anthem of a track.

Vocalist Josh Baker says that "Rose Tinted is written from the perspective of a person in an abusive relationship that is being victimized by their counterpart, they seem willing to receive maltreatment because they love them and maybe they don’t know any better. It’s quite a sad story really, and it’s something I’ve experienced first hand and seen my friends go through at various stages of their lives.

Back in early 2020, the now members of sunbleached were winding down from previous music projects - and set out to create a fresh and authentic alternative rock sound inspired from decades passed and reimagined."

The initial track from this two-track release, 'Flowers Grow From Ugly Places', was premiered on triple j's Home & Hosed with Declan Byrne, Blunt Magazine said of their previous single that "Moreso than any band we could ever compare them to, however, Sunbleached sound like… Well, Sunbleached. With their one-of-a-kind blend of cruisy, hazed-out melodies, thrashing riffs and just the right twinge of sonic chaos, they’ve carved out an identity that is at once gloomy and luminous – gloominous, if you will." Maniacs said that the band has a "...winning mix that the band instils its personality upon with unflinching honesty. If this is the sound of the '90s revival, we're in."

The sonic influence on their musical fingerprint is broad and exciting, ranging from 90’s and 00’s greats like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Silverchair, all the way though to more modern influences like Citizen, Basement, and Nothing. In a pact to create honest music with no compromise, they endeavour to do justice to their influences through dreamy studio recordings and high energy live performances.

Both of the singles contained in the Rose Tinted two-track EP are a labour of love, produced and mixed by Tristan Higginson from Waxflower - a childhood friend of guitarist, Joey. With the help of Tristan, the band also have Grant Berry from Fader Mastering on board working on the mastering of the track. Grant Berry being the key piece of the puzzle for a number of influential artists respected by sunbleached, such as All Time Low, Being As An Ocean, While She Sleeps, Yours Truly and many more.

sunbleached's Rose Tinted EP is available to purchase/stream now for release on Friday, December 3rd at