SEDATIVE - Release "Vile" New Single/Video

Perth, Western Australia's Metallic Hardcore outfit 'Sedative' are getting VILE and releasing their new single into the world. The seal will be broken and the track given life on Friday, December 3rd - and can be pre-saved/pre-ordered at

A statement made by the band reads: "Vile is the 3rd and final standalone single released in Sedative’s debut year. Accompanied by a gritty and viscerally upfront video, this speaks volumes about what ‘Vile’ represents.

With an instrumental approach that can be labelled as nothing short of relentless, incorporating punchy rhythms, down-tempo breaks and the bands intrinsic brand of sampling, balanced elegantly with the harshness of the vocal and lyrical approach, confronting the despondent nature of substance abuse and the negative effects on mind-state and self worth.

This is the last peak of Sedative before their debut record and a grand insight of what’s still to come."

The new single's Production/Recording was done at Audax Studios, Mixing/Mastering was handled by Violent Sound and the Video Editing and Direction was by Darkspirit Photography.

Sedative have made the most of their 2021 (and their COVID-19 bubble with South Australia) since announcing their entry into the heavy music world. They travelled from Perth to Adelaide to play Catalyst's EP Launch on October 28th at The Rhino Room with Relapse and I, The Nomad and supported Adelaide Heavyweights FALCIFER in Perth on October 30th at Lynott's Lounge with Shattered, NASMA and Our Demise.

Sedative are Matthew Daly (Vocals), Raphael Abadi (Guitar), Ryan Spencer (Bass/Vocals) and Nathan Wolfenden (Drums).

Sonically ranging from slam to modern metallic hardcore, and touching on themes such as despondency, grief and personal turmoil, Sedative seek to create a viscerally confronting atmosphere in their music through exploration of heavy themes, as well as creative and unique twists on the tropes of modern heavy music.