PAINKILLER PARTY - 3...2...1... Fight! With New Music Video "Rising Higher"

Now it’s getting serious - well, at least a tiny little bit because with the music video for their fight hymn "Rising higher", PAINKILLER PARTY are inviting their haters into the boxing ring!
Those who aren‘t scared away by porn lyrics and candy parties have always been able to find profound depth in PAINKILLER PARTY‘s universe. Understandable though as the band, who is mainly known for unconventional music and a lot of fun, lives their life for the art. "Rising higher" is the opener of their recent album "It‘s never too late to have a happy childhood" and flips the finger to everyone who tried to lure the band into failure from the very beginning.

"Back in the days at school, those who were bullied were the sensitive ones who didn‘t want to fit in but developed an identity by themselves. The bullies were ugly, fat boys who only found confidence within a group that protected them. Now those who were bullied are individualists, artists – and the bullies are in the comment sections or in the head offices of labels, music magazines etc." says bandleader and growler Josefine.

"What‘s good though: Still today it is absolutely irrelevant what those people try to hinder you from living your life. And I hope to encourage other people, too, not to believe they are the ones who should change anything about their identity only to fulfill the image anyone wants them to fit in without even knowing them."

Don‘t worry though. You won’t have to experience PAINKILLER PARTY without balloons, inflatable dicks and a lot of pink. And this time it’s even the musicians that are inflatable…