HARD POP, Vol. 1 - Stream Full Compilation Featuring DUST IN MIND, FALLCIE and Many Others

Radio Hits turn Metal & Goth! A compilation of 90s-2010s tunes with a dark twist!

'HARD POP' (Vol.1) starts out with the banger 'Seven Nation Army' by THE WHITE STRIPES, with which this incredible collaboration of bands including BLACKBOOK, OMNIMAR, DUST IN MIND, TOAL, EXTIZE, BASSZILLA and many more, take us on a journey through nostalgia up to today's tunes by amazing artists such as the winner of multiple grammys BILLIE EILISH, the one and only LADY GAGA and the timless queen of pop MADONNA such as tones of other world wide stars like KATY PERRY, LMFAO, t.A.T.u, P!NK, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, RIHANNA & CALVIN HARRIS.

The diversity of this album makes sure that there is a song for everyone! Further covers include 'Back to Black' by AMY WINEHOUSE, 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' by GREEN DAY, and even the pop-punk classic 'Complicated' by AVRIL LAVIGNE! The modern era covers songs such as 'Radioactive' by IMAGINE DRAGONS, 'Blinding Lights' by THE WEEKND, 'Around the World' by DAFT PUNK and 'Rolling in the Deep' by ADELE.

17 Pop Hits reimagined by some of the best bands that the metal and gothic label darkTunes has to offer. All this on one electrifying compilation.

A collection of popular and everlasting melodies reinvented in a way you've never heard before.


1. BLACKBOOK - Seven Nation Army (THE WHITE STRIPES cover) 
2. OMNIMAR - E.T. (KATY PERRY cover) 
3. DUST IN MIND - Back to Black (AMY WINEHOUSE cover) 
4. FALLCIE - Rolling in the Deep (ADELE cover) 
5. BASSZILLA - Around the World (DAFT PUNK cover) 
6. EXTIZE - Sexy and I Know It (LMFAO cover) 
7. XORDIA - Bad Guy (BILLIE EILISH cover) 
8. DJVERSION666 - Boulevard of Broken Dreams (GREEN DAY cover) 
9. TOAL - We Found Love (RIHANNA feat. CALVIN HARRIS cover) 
10. ASHES'N'ANDROID - Complicated (AVRIL LAVIGNE cover) 
11. AEVUM - Poker Face (LADY GAGA cover) 
12. AUGER - Blinding Lights (THE WEEKND cover) 
13. AGNIS - Frozen (MADONNA cover) 
14. C Z A R I N A - Radioactive (IMAGINE DRAGONS cover) 
15. FREAK INJECTION - All the Things She Said (t.A.T.u. cover) 
16. THE SILVERBLACK - Try (P!NK cover)