HAINT - Drop New Single "Sign Of Ruin" (feat. Dougen Kubota and TORU)

Japanese Melodic Death Metal outfit, HAINT have released a new single and music video "Sign Of Ruin" (feat. Dougen Kubota and TORU).  

"Sign Of Ruin" is a 3rd single from the borderless extreme music creation team "Haint". The melodic death metal song is full of furious blast beats and a soaring melodic guitar riffs.

The guest singer for this song is one of the renowned screamer in Japan, Dougen Kubota.

Dougen's unique screaming, with toughness and sorrowful expression shouted in Japanese will never let go of the listener's heart.

Also, the guest guitarist for the song is Toru from Tears Of Tragedy. The guitar solo played in this song fast, stylized and melodic which only he could pull out.

"Sign Of Ruin" brings together some of the best metal musicians in Japan, and their intense chemistry will leave a deep wailing mark on the hearts of metalheads all over the world.