DJINN-GHÜL - Stream New EP "Mechalith"

Colorado/Venezuela-based Experimental Death Metal act, DJINN-GHÜL is streaming below their new EP "Mechalith".


1. Ore & Fluid 
2. The Mechalith ž
3. Pleonexia 
4. Drosera

Divided between Venezuela and the United States, DJINN-GHÜL was formed by Grant Nachbur and Junior Patiño in 2017, when both wanted to manufacture an oddity death-metal project with the purpose of conceiving an extreme and unconventional sound, while dissolving all expectations of the sub-genre.

Having released two full-length albums 'Wander Not' in 2017 and 'Sordes Pyramis' in 2020 and one EP 'Exo Sin' in 2019, DJINN-GHÜL now present us with a new 4-track EP offering a newly evolved iteration of the bizarre sound the band typically presents. Detailing unspeakable corruption and industrial nightmares that bear a resemblance to our own current existences, DJINN-GHÜL invites listeners to relinquish their current understanding of not only extreme music, but also reality.