AS THE STRUCTURE FAILS - Release Thanksgiving-Themed "On the Edge" Music Video

Today, Canadian five-piece As The Structure Fails release their one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving metal-themed music video for their latest single “On The Edge.”

While the “On The Edge” video offers a laugh-out-loud, parody approach to Thanksgiving, the metalcore unit’s lyrics reveal their true intentions to drive awareness to suicidal ideation. “On The Edge” offers an undeniably melodic and catchy chorus that effortlessly pairs with their playful approach to bring awareness to mental health struggles.

They initially wanted to use the track as a means to highlight struggles with deep emotional turmoil and suicidal thoughts, the chorus reading, “This needs to be the end because I’m standing on the edge.”

“We want to be an outlet for people who are struggling,” the band reveals. “We make these videos so everyone can enjoy a unique and funny visual, but can also feel the emotions and character when focusing solely on the sound. #Thankgivingmetal #Turkeycore”

In the video, the group can be seen enjoying their Thanksgiving meal together around a human centerpiece that adorns the table. Before long, they all become ravenous, eating remnants of food from the body on the table, spilling gravy along the body and rubbing it in, and digging their hands into the mashed potatoes. The band is also seen in a clearing in the woods dressed in turkey hats and masks while eating birdseed from the ground and fist fighting each other with raw turkeys over their hands.

As The Structure Fails originally formed 12 years ago in 2009, but it wasn't until 2015 that the Ontario group solidified their line-up. The band barely got off the ground before drummer Kyle Clarke underwent multiple brain surgeries for a life-threatening diagnosis called Arteriovenous Malformation. Luckily, he made a full recovery and the group released their self-titled full-length in 2018. Topics of the album focus on damaged relationships, addiction, and the immoral habits of our culture. The band brings forward the idea that society, although corrupt, can change. They believe one person or one action everyday has the potential to bring a light into this sometimes dark world.