ALPHA WOLF - Drop Surprise "bleed 4 you" LoFi Remix

If there is one concept that draws a lineal path through the entire history of Alpha Wolf, it's rising above their surroundings and doing whatever they can to continue their forward motion. After 18 months of uncertainty, the band celebrate their return to stages by doing something quite unexpected: releasing a lo-fi remix of a fan favourite, 'bleed 4 you'. "The idea of this track was birthed during a gloomy lockdown afternoon." Explains Alpha Wolf guitarist and producer Scott Simpson. "We didn’t like the idea of having a year without a new release; and although it may not be what people are expecting, I think this remix caps off the vibe of what has been a really strange year for all. So I hope everyone can find some sort of comfort in this song wherever they are in the world."

Once the idea began to grow Alpha Wolf reached out to Mik, a remixer who has garnished a cult following after remixing everything from Counterparts to the Star Wars theme to tunes from Demon Slayer and JoJo's Bizarre Adventures in a lo-fi style, to get his vibe on a collaboration. "Working with Mik on this was great. He really transformed the original version into something we couldn’t really think it could be. Obviously being our most melodically driven song it made the most sense to try a remix like this, and it brought out a whole new life to the song."

After an unsure and unstable eighteen months, the feeling that tonight the band returns to the stage is something that is not lost on any of the members of Alpha Wolf. "It feels surreal to be able to go back out and finally start the a quiet place to die tour. We announced the original dates for this tour over 12 months ago now, and to finally be able to hit the road and play this album for everyone is going to be really special. We’ll be playing some of these songs for the first time and we’re stoked that these regional towns are going to be some of the first places to hear them live."

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