WILD OX MOAN - Present First Single "Hollywood"


WILD OX MOAN (formerly known as Vulture Vibe) unveil their new sound, which draws inspiration from delta-blues artists such as Son House, Blind Willie Johnson as well as more modern singer/songwriters like Tom Waits and Nick Cave. With a unique take on modern rock music, the trio is getting ready to release their debut album, from which they now present the first single 'Hollywood' - watch the accompanying music video above.

“The genesis of 'Hollywood' came about through the lyrical ideas, thinking how ironic it is, if these big Hollywood movies with a clear moral compass in how they portray good and evil, are made by people who in real life abuse others through their status and authority. The song opens on a dramatic note, leading in with the line "lead the way - define the lines of good and evil", taking you on a musical journey that starts out with dreams of Hollywood and then slowly descends into a nightmare. The music video showcases that journey as well, building momentum towards a nightmarish ending, uncovering the surface and the romantic image of Hollywood”, vocalist Mads Bendixen muses.

Having played countless shows and served as opening act for bands such as Junkyard Drive, The Boy That Got Away and Lucer, WILD OX MOAN’s debut album serves as an accumulation of all their previous experiences, added a new approach to their sound. The lyrical universe delves into dark subject matters often referencing movies, art and literature, giving the music a cinematic feeling. The coming full-length LP ‘Wild Ox Moan’ has been produced and recorded by Nicklas Sonne (Defecto, Malrun, Beneath the Silence) at Sonne Studios, and is set to be released on March 4th.

The first single 'Hollywood' is now available on all streaming services.