THOUSAND THOUGHTS - Release Music Video For "Fail Me" Featuring Susanna Alexandra Of Cyan Kicks; The Band Will Be Touring in Germany in Early 2022

Following the release of their brand new single "Fail Me" featuring Finnish alternative rock vocalist Susanna Alexandra of Cyan Kicks, London-based Thousand Thoughts have dropped their accompanying music video which can be seen below!

Recorded at the Marshall Studio with the help of Rhys Fletcher, Thousand Thoughts continue to evolve their mix of nostalgic nu-metal, melodic metalcore and anthemic modern rock in "Fail Me".

Ethan Smith talked about the track, explaining: "'Fail Me' was written during the winter of the pandemic, and it describes the general state of the world and my desire to run away from everything.

Life can be so difficult; running often seems like the easier option. I’ll always persevere through the fight, but I believe the thought of running shows up in all of us sometimes, no matter how strong we are.

When initially writing the track, I pictured a woman singing it and as the song progressed, I began to see it working with Thousand Thoughts. However, it still needed that artist I’d imagined to bring it to life. We’re really excited to have Susanna from Cyan Kicks on this track, her voice was the perfect fit. Susanna and the band were great to work with; she is a true gem for alternative rock”.

"Fail Me" can be streamed HERE.

Alongside the release of their last single "Control" the band released their first run of limited edition vinyl, a limited translucent purple EP which can be ordered from the Marshall Records Store HERE.

The band will also be touring in Germany in early 2022 - check the dates below.

German Tour Dates:

March 27th @ Privatclub, Berlin 
March 29th @ Backstage Werk, Munich 
March 30th @ Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Wiesbaden 
April 1st @ MTC Club, Köln

Tracklist "Control"

1. Control 
2. Heads or Tails 
3. Stigma 
4. Change (feat. Daigo Jax) 
5. Saviour