THE ANSIBLE - Reveal Multidimensional Melodic Metal EP “Existing To Repeat”

AUSTIN, TX | NOVEMBER 5, 2021: Complete your voyage through The Ansible’s diverse universe as they unveil their extended play, Existing To Repeat. The release stretches the boundaries of the band’s sonic frontier as it guides the listener on a journey into the emotions the band members experienced during the Covid-19 quarantine. Spanning the heavy spectrum with groovy feel-good songs like “Let’s Drop,” over to the slamming, chaotic feel that is found in “Timeslide”.

“I am incredibly excited for the Existing To Repeat EP to come out. It represents a much larger and varied vision for our band. There are obscenely heavy moments side by side with small and tender moments. I also think it is my best production work yet.” - Greg Hink, Guitarist and Producer of The Ansible.

Alongside the EP is a new music video, “From Here We Fade.” The track encapsulates the feeling of fighting to understand your morality through introspection:

“This song embodies all the flavors of the ep. The big strummed opening chords and swirling atmosphere dropping into the very personal lyrics of the first verse are what we love, huge and intimate side by side. The chorus idea came from Greg feeling the crunch we all feel as we age and begin to grapple with our mortality, which came more to the foreground with the pandemic and shutdown of most of our usual outlets of expression. The sense of undirected urgency as the plans we had crumbled in 2020 drove us inward to feelings of self defeat and disillusionment. So we poured it into these lyrics.

This song also features our new favorite studio toy, the Electro-Harmonix Pitchfork pedal. We already play baritone 8 strings guitars tuned to drop D0 but we needed to go further! We used it all over the album going both down and up.” - The Ansible

Austin, TX melodic metal veterans, The Ansible, first arrived in the Austin music scene in 2014. What started as a passion project between Greg and Derril, was quickly built into a live band with the addition of Nigel and Darian. With the recent addition of new guitarist, Mark, the band is preparing for their Fourth release. The Ansible has evolved into a powerful and ambient staple among the likes of fellow heavy bands like Loathe and Spiritbox.

The Ansible has progressed their style from a once heavy, niche-based audience to a more universal and relatable sound while still honoring their roots in progressive metal. Keep up with The Ansible’s upcoming announcements and releases HERE.