RADICALS - Drop New Confusing/Awesome Single/Video "untitled"

Is it a radical move to not have a title for your song? Or is it radical to title your song untitled? Well, that's what Sydney's RADICALS have done - their brand new single, out Friday November 5th, is titled 'Untitled.' Radical, RADICALs! The band say that "If there is one theme to take away from the track - it's confusion." Check!

Anyway, what should you know about RADICALS? With instant comparisons drawn against early Nirvana and Australian legends Silverchair, RADICALS have quickly become one of Sydney's most talked about acts. Formed in late 2019, trio already have dozens of sold out shows under their belt (in fact, they've sold out every headline show they've ever done!), have been featured on some of Australia’s most respected blogs, and supported the likes of like Ruby Fields, The Dead Love, Loser and many more.

Guitarist/Vocalist for the band, Brandon Wade, says that "untitled was the first track we wrote after our first singles back in late 2021 and was the first song we decided to write with no direction or planned meaning. We had come up with the vocal melody for the track in the space of 10 minutes and then just sat down spitting random lyrics off the top of our head that fit. Basically as long as the syllables matched it got added to the song.

We didn’t want to put a title on the track, we didn’t want any 2 lines to even seem like they could make sense next to each other, we just wanted this to be a track that sounded okay and nothing else. Like the first line in the chorus is literally "Kaleidoscopes and unborn bread". What the fuck even is that?! It makes absolutely no sense and we couldn’t be prouder. As the song says "untitled lives" ."

The music video for this track matches the theme of the song perfectly: Pure mayhem. In the clip Brandon is a mum, Nick is a dad and Myles is their son, watching themselves play untitled on a TV screen while shit starts to hit the fan. The whole song and video is confusing. And its meant to be.

RADICALS are best known for mixing heavy riffs with catchy choruses at ease, their give-no-fucks attitude, and the ability to make every show they play crazier than the last. They've garnered praise on previous singles from triple j peeps like Declan Byrne, who said "This one felt instantly familiar! The type of grunge that is impossible to be nodding along to at bare minimum" and Lucy Smith, who noted that "It's fuzzy, garage goodness that packs a punch where it counts."

RADICALS' new single 'untitled' is out Friday, November 5 on all good digital stores and streaming platforms. Catch it/Pre-Save it/Pre-Order it at https://ffm.to/radicalsuntitled.