PEDESTAL OF INFAMY - Stream New Album "Five Year Killing Spree"

Phoenix, Arizona-based Death Metal outfit, PEDESTAL OF INFAMY is streaming below their new album "Five Year Killing Spree".


1. Feast Ov Flesh (ft. Wade Taylor of Atoll) 
2. Ax Ishmael 
3. The Gray Man 
4. Pure Hate (ft. Carter Burke of Penalty Box) 
5. Born To Kill 
6. Man Against Himself (ft. Josh Mata of Skin Ticket and Purgatory) 
7. Crawlspace 
8. Summer of Darkness (ft. Rolo Hernandez of No Zodiac and David Lafonz of No Altars) 
9. We Are Everywhere 
10. The Riverman (ft. Danny Marianino of North Side Kings) 
11. See You Next Wednesday 
12. The Process of Death