NOVA SPEI - Drop New Video “Sorcière” Off New Album “Sequentis”

“Sorcière” is the third single off of Quebec’s Nova Spei recently released second album “Sequentis”. This sophomore record is more cohesive than their previous one, their 2017 self-titled debut. On this new album, they stay high energy, focusing on how they will translate their music to the stage.

The majority of Nova Spei’s lyrics focus on relatable experiences that people have regularly in their lives. They describe the meaning behind “Sorcière”:

“We created this album as a more ‘’metal’’ album, with lots of energy and powerful riffs. The summary of the single is that it represents our vices, our weaknesses, which can lead to an unhealthy relationship.”

A groovy undertone meets progressive, catchy riffs, compiled with aggressive vocals belting out the French lyrics. It’s accessible, but edgy enough to suit a discerning metalhead. It is heavier than their previous one, but will still be familiar to their current fans. They have a wide range of influences that combine to result in memorable, heavy music.

The djenty French metal is recommended for fans of Architects, Gojira and Deftones.

The music video for “Sorcière” can be seen and heard via its premiere on TheCirclePit YouTube channel -

“Sequentis” is now out via Quebec label Bam&Co-Heavy. The album was written and produced by Nova Spei plus mixed and mastered by Anthony Chognard along with the album artwork done by Filip Ivanovic.

Album stream and download, Spotify, Apple Music, Bam&Co.Heavy Online Store.

Track Listing:

1. Animal (3:36) 
2. Génération Perdue (3:55) 
3. Assez (3:25) 
4. La Proie (5:07) 
5. Sorcière (3:40) 
6. Digitalisé (3:50) 
7. Nouvel Espoir (4:07) 
8. Damné (3:32) 
9. Qui Sème Le Vent (3:40) 
10. Tête Dure (3:26) 
11. Mal Incarné (4:26) 
12. Démocratie Bafouée (3:39)