IGORRR - Release Documentary "Making of SPIRITUALITY AND DISTORTION"

Igorrr - the brainchild of French composer and musical mastermind Gautier Serre - releases a documentary "Making of SPIRITUALITY AND DISTORTION", their last album.

He commented: 

"Spirituality and Distortion has been released on March 27th of 2020, and has been a difficult album to create and to release. This video is showing some footage of the recording process which started the first days of January 2019 and ended up early 2020. Since this historical period of pandemic, some things has changed in the band, but we choose to show the real images anyway, how things really were, even though it doesn't always match anymore with the today's reality. 
I hope you will enjoy getting through this documentary and that will help you listening to Spirituality and Distortion with sharper ears."