GREEN MACHINE - Launch New Album on 12th November, Single "Beer Baptized" Out!

On November 12, "Beer Metal" sees the light of day, in advance there is a single of the rockers from Germany.

This is Einbeck, not L.A.! - or something like that! Green Machine put on their sunglasses, turn up the amps and chill the beer by the crates. The first full length of the metal band is in the starting blocks for November 12, 2021. Green Machine are one of those bands that you want to discover at a wild festival where denim frocks and beer totes cavort. Fat produced riffs in biker rock style with sometimes clean, sometimes shouted vocals.

However, the new album Beer Metal is not just simple party music; songs like the upcoming single "Invasive Species" are not only lyrically socially critical, but also musically diverse. It partly reminds of old Volbeat or Death Rock in the style of Alien Sex Fiend or Crimson Ghosts.

All in all a headbanger work that will enrich the car boxes on the way to and the Bluetooth boxes on the camping of the festival and hopefully will be performed on stage again soon.

One single is already out, the telling rock anthem "Beer Baptized". Take a listen below!

Interview and review requests are open now! Feel free to ask for an exclusive stream or download in advance of the record! I will gladly make a physical sampling possible!