GASSED UP - Deliver New Onslaught Of Bragging Bars In New Singe "Gümanji"

Following the successful release of politically driven singles ‘Section 20’ and ‘A National Broadmoor’, which gained huge traction over the course of 2021 seeing streaming sites adopting the single on a variety of editorial playlists, Gassed Up bring another lyrically genius song to the forefront of the hardcore and metalcore scene.

‘Gümanji’ is a hard hitting, head banging clash of heavy riffs. A groovy and bass-heavy lead-in rolls into a fresh

slamming riff taking over the backdrop and begins a pure auditory onslaught of aggressive and braggadocios hip- hop bars packed with old school video game references, meta, and often niche similes and metaphors that create a solid reflection of the 90s culture and hip hop roots of Dan's past.

The song, which is filled with bragging bars, is a vast step away from their previous 2021 singles, but a perfect resemblance of the variety Gassed Up are able to produce, going back to their roots of hip hop MC’ing and flaunting boasts of arrogant confidence boosts.

The song takes a powerful jump into the gang-chant based chorus aimed at encouraging crowd participation and a positive message throughout, and back into the aforementioned barrage of riffs and a new bombardment of lyrics from Big Dank himself.

This song is a more adventurous ending to the music released this year and has had input from every single member, which is the reason for the wide blend of musical influences that Gassed Up are famous for.