FEELAMENT – Release New Lyric Video "Incurable Disease"


Metal musicians from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine united under the name of Feelament have released a new lyric video "Incurable Disease", taken from their first album "Hate Delivery."

The band commented:

"In many ways, this song speaks on politicians and hypocrisy portrayed by the people supposed to listen to us and protect us. This song is an emotional and angry piece about these crooked people that enrich themselves while telling the rest of us to just "hold on tight."

"Incurable Disease" is written in such a way that listeners often interpret it as a personal story of betrayal. In a way, that is true. But this betrayal we're speaking of is inflicted by those in power that are meant to protect us, but we fear them instead. This is the story you will see illustrated in this lyric video."

Stream "Incurable Disease" and "Hate Delivery" everywhere you listen to music.