EXORCISED GODS - Stream New Album "Banished Into Conflagration"

Mainz, Germany-based Deathcore EXORCISED GODS is streaming below their new album "Banished Into Conflagration".


1. There Is No God... 
2. Abandon All Hope 
3. Harrowing Of Hell 
4. Tempest Of Lustful Shades 
5. Sick Fat Fucks (ft. Mines of Moria ) 
6. Avaricious 
7. ...There Is No Heaven... 
8. Ira 
9. Gottlos (ft. Blowback [428]) 
10. Un/Holy Trinity 
11. Land Of Deception 
12. Kingdom Of Perpetual Suffering 
13. ...There Is Only Hell 
14. Ascension