DRINKS WITH JOHNNY - Spencer Charnas (ICE NINE KILLS) in The New Podcast Of AVENGED SEVENFOLD's Johnny Christ (VIDEO)

This week we take a trip to Horrorwood as we celebrate Halloween with Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills. Fresh off the release of the band’s sixth studio album, The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood, Spencer joins the show of AVENGED SEVENFOLD's Johnny Christ podcast series Drinks With Johny to give us a behind the scenes look of creating this musical masterpiece.

They break down the horror movies that inspired each song on the record, and touch on the process of creating the visually stunning music videos that accompany the album. Spencer shares some easter eggs that link the band to Pet Sematary, and what it was like to work with horror icon Bill Moseley.

It wouldn’t be a true Halloween episode if they didn’t get into our favorite horror movies. They play “This or That” to find out who the baddest slasher is to hail the silver screen. Plus we find out what Spencer’s favorite movie from the Halloween franchise is, how Huey Lewis reacted to the band’s interpretation of Hip to Be Square, and so much more!