DEATH PERCEPTION - Confront The Agony Of Suicide Through New Music Video “Ashes To Mourn”

Canada’s Death Perception released a blisteringly fast album this year, entitled “Ashes”, off which, they have recently released a music video for the single “Ashes To Mourn”. Although the band typically doesn’t stray from the death metal formula they have been finessing over the years, they incorporate some black metal vibes into this single, a dash of bleak melodies to highlight the pain that comes through in the lyrics. 

The band explains the track:

“This song has so much pain inside of it. We experienced the loss of a close friend to suicide. When this happens you never fully understand or accept what they were thinking and why they dealt with their lives in such a reckless way. It hurts to know that you couldn’t help them. They might not have even wanted you to, even if you could have known ahead of time what they were about to do. Silence, that can be what causes their pain, or how they hide it, and that’s all you’re left with after they’re gone.”

The album “Ashes” has been five years in the making and can be seen as a massive growth spurt for the band, who have expanded melodically as well as touched on deeper subject matter in their writing while maintaining their original sound. They are in a completely new direction, have been experimenting with new studios, new album artists, new gear, and new perspectives, and they have grown considerably.

Unnerving and forceful, Death Perception doesn't pull any punches when it comes to their take on death metal. They cover a lot of themes throughout their lyrics and combine them with punishing riffs, melodic creaks, and unforgiving vocals, guaranteed to get you banging your head.

Recommended for fans of Lamb of God, Whitechapel, and Devildriver, the album “Ashes” was released on June 18, 2021 via WormHoleDeath and is available on all digital platforms here.

The video for “Ashes To Mourn” can be watched below!

Track Listing:

1. Bleed to Death (3:20) 
2. Scars Over Skin (4:00) 
3. In Plain Sight (3:47) 
4. No Tears for the Dead (3:08) 
5. Crimson Darkness (5:22) 
6. The Kill (2:55) 
7. Wars (3:19) 
8. Vermin (2:27) 
9. Final Breath (4:03) 
10. Ashes to Mourn (5:01)