BLIND SUMMIT - Release New Mental Monologue 'The Place I Feel Safe'!

Following the successful release of their singles ‘Like Water’ and ‘Pontos’, BLIND SUMMIT unveil the new track ‘The Place I Feel Safe’ ahead of their upcoming EP ‘Hell and Heresy’, set to drop on 26th November 2021.

The 4-piece metal band from Manchester UK bring this phenomenally haunting track with fierce technicalities and energetic rhythms, contrasted by with the stunning vocals from Alexandra ‘Ali’ Angelini as the latest and final instalment of the bands EP campaign.

Ali set out writing the lyrics for ‘The Place I Feel Safe’ with a question in her head about healing and how different people approach it.

“I’ve always been told to turn over a new leaf and start again, but this felt like running away to me rather than facing my problems.”

The video for ‘The Place I Feel Safe’, filmed and edited by Loki Films and Riccardo Cenci, is conceptually more detailed than the bands previous videos.

Presented in two settings, the maze scenes symbolise the maze of your mind and the endless, nonconforming path one can take when trying to escape pain, signifying a constant never-ending battle with yourself. While the woods denote the dull and dreary limbo you can lead yourself to if you can’t find growth from your pain.

Although Ali recognises it’s important for healing to turn away from pain and start afresh with no chains holding you from growing, she prefers to tackle her pain head on.

“I’d rather explore why I’m hurting, work through the pain and use it as my foundation to grow taller and see past the obstacles I may face in future; using each pain as a building block of strength and collecting them as part of me.” ‘The Place I Feel Safe’ video displays an internal monologue of the fight of deciding which approach to take - running away and trying to escape your demons, or facing it head on. “It’s something I feel is very relatable to everyone in their own ways and through their own traumas. We should all learn how we, ourselves, have to deal with pain”.

Through the progression of the video, we take a journey with each member of the band finding their way around their mind and being followed by their pain, and in the end we see each of them approach their worse, destructive or damaged version of themselves and confront it face-to-face until it vanishes.

The ‘Hell and Heresy’ EP out on 26th November is inspired by the monotony of falling and feeling trapped in the everyday life and mundane routines. It’s also an introspective look at life, covering topics of addiction, obsession and mental health. Ali says, “I like to take a twisted view on the world and find beauty in the not so pretty parts of ourselves”.

The end goal in these themes is to flow with life, “like water”, as Bruce Lee once said — “Empty your minds, be formless, shapeless, like water...”.

Subject to huge breakdowns and fun djenty, polyrhythmic grooves, Blind Summit take the progressive metal genre and maximise it’s potential.

Tom describes the EP as a new beginning for the band. “We feel super satisfied and proud of what we have made musically, lyrically and visually and we really hope people enjoy it as much as we do!”. Blind Summit aren’t just your typical metal band, and though they may not be known by many yet, these monstrously talented musicians bring an element of a seeming simplicity that enables them to conjure complex polyrhythms entwined with Ali’s stunning clean vocals, and that provides an incredibly fresh take on metal within the bands technical-influenced writing.

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