ALEXANDER BLACKSTAR - Unveils His New Record, "Stellanera"

Multi-expressionist artist Alexander Blackstar finally unveils his new record, Stellanera, out today. As a descendant of several generations of painters, Blackstar attaches a lot of importance to the connection between words and visuals in his art, and it comes through on this most recent record 

Watch the official music video for “Emerge from the Dark” from the record here
Watch the official music video for “Noir Presage” from the record here.

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“Stellanera is, for me, an album that marks the beginning of my adventure as Alexander Blackstar,” he says. “My first album, Facing Hell, was about the resolution of my past—it was like a preamble to this new one that sets the bases of who I’ll become in the future. We could compare this record to the moment when Christ was born, metaphorically. That’s the reason why I’m wearing a crown of thorns on the cover. It sums up the genesis of my own creative universe that I’m intending to make evolve and grow through all the future projects.” The record touches on themes of creation, tackling questions about the origins of the universe, the Big Bang, black matter, chaos, and other mysterious elements of cosmic theory. But despite those epic themes, it also has a connection to earth with the connotation of the title—the earth and the self, that is.

“The name of the record was discovered during a trip made in Italy last year,” Blackstar says. “Rome truly inspired me, and I’ve never felt a connection like I’ve had with this city before. It has a deep and ancient vibe that puts you in a state of total contemplation, nourishing all your senses from the visual to the mind. ‘Stellanera’ means Blackstar in Italian; I thought it was a good idea to take this name for the album because it attaches a mythical, spatial and timeless connotation to it, all in keeping the multicultural approach characteristic to my art.