A WORLD IN COLOUR - Highlight 2020 Australian Bushfire Impacts With New Single/Video "Descent"

The bushfires that ravaged large swathes of Eastern Australia in early 2020 were devastating and damaging to say the least, not only to the incredible land and habitat, but also to the psyche of those who were affected.

Canberran hardcore outfit A World In Colour are today announcing the release of their single and video 'Descent', highlighting the effects and the on-going impacts of those fires.

The song is out today, and can be purchased/streamed at https://ditto.fm/descent-a-world-in-colour_29f868041d. More information about the band can be found at newly-minted website https://www.awicolour.com.

Combining hard hitting metal riffs, big choruses and earth shattering breakdowns to create an energetic and emotional experience, A World In Colour's members have played previously in bands who have supported the likes of Northlane, Polaris, Dream On Dreamer and more.

Ryan Wiseman, vocalist for the band, spoke about the song and the intent of the release. "Descent was written during the 2020 bushfires that brought Australia to its knees. Whilst the smoke and flames grew closer to our homes it became more and more apparent that we as people turn a blind eye to the damage we cause to the world around us despite the obvious consequences we are facing more and more often: and yet we still turn a blind eye no matter how many people tell us to change. "We'll burn the pages before we read the words that save us""

The Video, directed/filmed/edited by Crow River Visuals, depicts humans' impacts on nature and industrial impact on the world. 'Descent' was Recorded by Guyy Lillyeman @ Amberly Studios and Mixed and Mastered by Lance Prenc.

A World In Colour are: Ryan Wiseman on Lead Vocals, Connor Mairs on Guitar/clean vocals/composition, Cameron Brooks on Drums and Lindsay Edwards on Guitar.

A World in Colour's 'Descent' is out Friday November 12th and can be purchased/streamed at https://ditto.fm/descent-a-world-in-colour_29f868041d.