WRONG MOVE - Share Furious New EP "Death Made Swift"

Today, Albany NY metallic hardcore group Wrong Move have shared their new EP Death Made Swift. This 5 song offering is the band's first release in partnership with Unbeaten Records. The blistering EP highlights the band's ability to craft angular, pissed off hardcore with a punk edge. Singles "K.I.T.D.O.S" and "Tranquility" serve as a tour de force of heavy guitar riffs and brutal aggression, showcasing the band at its most visceral and caustic. The vocals are menacing, the songs hurtle along at a breakneck pace and the mosh parts are plentiful - delivering everything you could want from one of the most exciting new groups in the hardcore scene. You can check out the visualizer for "K.I.T.D.O.S" here and purchase Death Made Swift here.

The band has shared the stage with bands like Downswing and Brick By Brick and will be supporting Madball and Powerhouse this winter, with more show announcements soon.

On the themes of the album, the band has this to say:

"This album is about taking all the hardship/ suffering you deal with in life and using it to make yourself stronger. It’s about going from a victim mindset to a warrior mindset. Everyone goes through struggles, everyone has f*cked up stuff happen to them. In the hardcore scene we are all a little f*cked up, that’s why we all found each other. It’s important to remember you can piss and moan and feel bad for yourself when something negative happens - or you can refuse to let it bring you down and grow stronger from the experience."

Hailing from Albany NY, Wrong Move is a quartet that pushes the boundaries of metallic hardcore. Taking influence from legendary groups like All Out War, Stigmata, Hatebreed, and Merauder, the band injects each song with anger and authenticity.

Death Made Swift tracklist:

1. Intro 
2. Tranquility 
3. K.I.T.D.O.S 
4. False Front 
5. Slow Death