WOUNDED TOUCH - Unleash New Single “Excerpts from a Violent Thesis” Ft. Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder

Experimental metalcore band Wounded Touch have announced their debut LP, AMERICANXIETY set for release March 4th, on Smartpunk Records. The first taste of the pulsating album comes from the single “Excerpts from a Violent Thesis”, out today. The song is a swirling, caustic sonic exploration brimming with chaotic riffs, heavy leads, and anguished vocals courtesy of both the band and a guest feature from Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder. Oscillating somewhere between hardcore, metal, and screamo, the track boasts the kind of complex brutality that most heavy bands can only strive for. The video is a nightmarish vignette that captures the group's live energy juxtaposed against horror-inspired imagery. You can watch the video for the song here now and find it on streaming services.

Speaking on how the track came together, lead vocalist Nick Holland states:

​​“‘Excerpts’ was a song we started tossing ideas around for based on the opening riff shortly after we recorded our EP, but it got shelved until we started writing again during lock down. It kept getting noisier and heavier with each iteration of riffs and lyrically, it felt necessary that the subject matter be a reflection of that and they ended up being about EMTs/Paramedics becoming desensitized to death and violence and the helpless feeling of losing yourself and the person you once had been before the exposure to such trauma. Being able to have Trevor work with us and lay vocals on the ending of the track was an idea we came up with after the initial recording session, and now it seems difficult to image the song finished without that contribution to its seething nature.“

AMERICANXIETY serves as the follow-up to Wounded Touch’s 2019 EP, From Day 0 Forward. Recorded with Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studio (Ingrown, Wristmeeetrazor), AMERICANXIETY centers around isolation, loss, and the shared trauma in American society. Much of the lyrical content also extends around Holland’s experiences as a paramedic during the height of the pandemic and the passing of loved ones. Taking as much influence from heavy bands like Glassjaw and The Bled, to grunge acts like Nirvana and Alice In Chains, the album is a whirlwind of raw emotion, crushing guitars, and dynamic drums. AMERICANXIETY is available on vinyl for pre-order now at Smartpunk Records.


1. On Serrated Heartstrings 
2. Condolences and Autumn Nights 
3. The Splinter Waltz 
4. Excerpts from a Violent Thesis (ft. Trevor Strnad) 
5. Routes of Transmission 
6. Americanxiety 
7. Translating Threats in Morse Code 
8. Enemy Chords 
9. A Prayer's Unwanted Answer 
10. The Killing of a Year 
11. The Last Night of Autumn (Refrain)