WITHER WITHIN - Stream New EP "Mental Demos"

Wither Within is streaming their EP Mental Demos today. The EP features 4 instrumental tracks that incorporate sounds from the metalcore/ post-hardcore/ deathcore scene to create a sound all of their own. The band is made up of Eitan Melody (vocals/ guitars/ synth & programming), Kurtis Bradimore (keyboards/ synth & programming), and Noah Nikolas Laidlaw (bass guitar/ backing vocals).

Most of the writing and recording for this EP was done in Eitan’s home studio in Vaughan, ON. After discussing inspirations and musical direction with the other members, Eitan composed the tracks and recorded demos simultaneously. Each band member then added in their parts. Once all the instruments were recorded, Eitan handled the production, mixing, and mastering.

The band hopes that listeners take the following away from this release, "Our hope is that people will have some music they enjoy, and to accompany them as they go about their day."

As for what is to come next for the band, Wither Within is planning on revisiting the four instrumental tracks included in this release, this time around with vocals. Fans can expect a new single with vocals within the next couple of months so stay tuned!


1. Everyone Loves Junji Ito 
2. Stranger Things Have Happened Here 
3. Runaway 
4. Dead By Daylight