WE’RE WOLVES - Release New Single Video "Sell Your Soul"

Modern Metal outfit, We're Wolves has released a new music video for their new single"Sell Your Soul", the second single off their new album “Evil Things”.

The band commented:

A parody of wolf of Wall Street, about demons buying and trading souls on the open market for hell. The “souls” are like a form of hellish Cocaine, which the demons get high off of and grow their powers. The intro of the video depicts 2 demons at a dinner table in hell, one mentor and one student. The mentor explains to the student about the unbelievable high the souls give the demons, and the importance of harvesting them to power the entire underworld.

The video itself shows the true essence of excess, sex, and greed.

Also featuring a post credit informercial which soul purpose is to recruit “soul-brokers” for the agency “Satan Oakmont”