WARS APART - Present Brand New Single Video "Landless" (Feat. Andreas Bjulver of CABAL)

With a deep and heavy soundscape, Copenhagen-based hardcore trio WARS APART deliver clean-cut and massive songs that will resonate with fans of EMMURE, Stray From The Path and Knocked Loose. Today they present their brand new single 'Landless', which features a guest performance by vocalist Andreas Bjulver Paarup of rising stars CABAL - watch the accompanying music video above.

“In a sense 'Landless' portrays the frustrations and anger it ignites to live in a world so connected and intertwined, yet so divided, when it comes to open borders, embracing different cultures and religions, etc. Either because of political agendas, religious beliefs or both. We wage wars, actual or philosophical, that leave us landless. Andreas from Cabal is on this track, as we felt that his voice and presence would give the track the malice and aggressive feel that we needed”, vocalist Dan explains.

Formed in 2020 and joining the ranks at Prime Collective (CABAL, Møl, Siamese) WARS APART is the unpredictable new kid in the class, but make no mistake, these guys are mustering up a storm unlike many others out there. The new singles have been produced by renowned producer and sound engineer Chris Kreutzfeldt (CABAL, Møl, Ghost Iris).

'Landless (feat. CABAL)’ is already available on all streaming services.