THE HUMAN VEIL - Release Inspirational Single "Pray For Me"

With The Human Veil`s EP ‘The Hybrid Era’ being released on the 29th October 2021, the band are releasing their final single of the season ‘Pray For Me’ just a week before. Over the last few months, they have released the very successful tracks ‘Alive’ and ‘Enemies’. Now, they are releasing possibly their most powerful single yet, inspired by Hans Zimmer and featuring a guest vocalist.

’The Hybrid Era’ single will be included in this release as a bonus track drop which can be found exclusively on streaming sites.

“When writing the lyrics to ‘Pray for Me’, I was going through the hardest time of my life.”

As a way to organise his thoughts, vocalist Matt used a notepad to outlet any emotion or negativity onto paper. To and from his job on the bus, he was able to find a way to decompress and make sense of his mind, until eventually the words on paper became the lyrics for ‘Pray For Me’.

The musical inspiration came from watching a live performance by Hans Zimmer with a live orchestra, where despite Matt`s imperfect pianist skills, he took on the challenge to write a beautifully powerful piano section for the song. The entire song goes through many emotions, featuring a punchy, driving introduction through to the haunting, deep piano outro.

With such an impactful song, it deserved to be taken onto a new level featuring vocals from Alexandra ‘Ali’ Angelini of Blind Summit, where they transformed the song with passion and earnest.

“We all make mistakes in life, but it is how we grow and learn from them that counts.”

Their primary goal for the EP is for people to know within themselves that they are not destined to be unhappy; by finding a solid support network and learning to self-love is imperative to live a content life.

Inspired by obscure films like ‘The Neon Demon’, ‘Inferno Unseen’ and more mainstream Sci-fi films like ‘Bladerunner’, visually, they wanted to tell a beautiful story with videos that carry a vibrant, neon theme all the way through. It was essential to do the songs justice by representing them visually and tell a story that way as well. With angry, direct lyrics they changed the vocal style with inspiration from older influences made into a more modern sound. ‘The Hybrid Era’ is not as dark or heavy as their previous releases but seemed to hit harder in a different way.

“We just wanted to create something real.”

When the band released their previous EP ‘Fractures’, they were happy with how it turned out, but followed no logic or concept. This time around, they wanted the entirety to fuse nicely and tell a story from beginning to end. They make it clear though that although their sound is more melodic, they won’t stop making heavier tracks in the future.